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In light of recent events,Tiff’s Bible Prophecy teachings have reached unprecedented visibility online. This visibility has also given rise to instances of impersonations of Tiff, content theft/misuse, and a variety of money scams. Please be vigilant if something seems unusual.

Here are some ways you can easily identify a scammer at work:


Unsolicited Private Messages

Scammers will use Tiff’s photo and name to fool people on Messenger, Instagram, etc. to create fake accounts that look identical to Tiff’s content. The scammer will private message individuals, claim to be Tiff, and try to build a connection through spiritual lingo and even false words of prophecy. Many times they will not mention money up front, but instead will spend time building up false trust. The end result is always the same; they will eventually ask for or suggest a "donation" of some kind.

How to Recognize This Scam

- Tiff will NEVER ask for money through private messages.
- Tiff will NEVER give words of prophecy through private messages.
- Tiff will NEVER request gift cards or money cards be purchases.
- Check the account name: Tiff’s official social media accounts are linked here on
- Check the numbers: fake accounts will typically be new and have a smaller numbers of followers.

What to Do
if You Encounter This Scam

- NEVER click ANY links provided by the scammer.
- Immediately report the scammer account, cease communication and block the account. Each social media platform will have instructions on how to report fake accounts impersonating someone else.


YouTube Video Theft and Alteration

Another channel has downloaded Tiff's video without permission and edited the original video in order to bypass YouTube's automated Content ID scans. They "steal" views in order to boost their own viewership numbers as well as the ad revenue for their own channel.

How to Recognize This Scam

Tiff's video format has not changed. If it looks altered, it likely is. Stolen video content will often contain:
- flipped footage
- unrelated scrolling text
- added video overlays such as
          - additional "speakers" on screen
          - abstract graphics or images
- unrelated music or audio

Verify which YouTube channel the video is on. Tiff’s official YouTube channel is linked on through our website.

What to Do
if You Encounter This Scam

If you are watching on your computer or mobile device, you are able to report videos and channels for fraud and impersonation. If you are watching through your Smart TV, use the YouTube navigation to verify that you are on the correct, official channel. Do not give the scammers additional views.

We receive many calls and emails inquiring if we have been hacked or asking for verification of an unsolicited private message. We are unable to report these individual scammers for you and we DEPEND ON YOU to report them so their accounts are taken down. If you have already given money to these scammers, there is nothing we can do to help you recover it and we encourage you to reach out to your financial institution(s).

If you wish to support Tiff Shuttlesworth and Lost Lamb Ministries, please use the verified ways to give found on our website.

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