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In dependence upon God, our goal is to lead one million people to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.



In dependence upon God, the Mission of the Lost Lamb Evangelistic Association is to present the message of Christ to all we can using every means available. All of our strategies are built on obedience to Christ’s own mission.



Preach the Gospel - In dependence upon God, we want to win as many people as possible to Jesus Christ in North America and throughout the world. We will proclaim the Bible message of salvation by all available means to the millions of people who have yet to respond to the gospel.

Mobilize the Church - In dependence upon God, we want to emphasize with the church the principles of victorious Christian living, so as to revive, train, and mobilize the church to continuous, effective evangelism, discipleship, and church growth.

Equip The Next Generation – In dependence upon God, we want to hold high the banner of biblical evangelism, influencing Christianity worldwide and raising up a new generation of Godly evangelists and leaders, so that the church’s commitment to evangelism will never die!

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