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Here are the facts
Many Americans assume that the most common way of experiencing the Christian faith is by attending a church service. A new nationwide survey by the Barna Research Group reports a different conclusion. A greater number of adults experience the Christian faith through Christian media.

The new study states that 67% of people in North America viewed or used Christian media each month! We now live in an “audio/visual” world and that is not going to change. Our goal is to win one million people to Christ and media will multiply our efforts in incredible ways. Please pray for us as we continue to develop Lost Lamb Media. Your prayers and support are vital as we move forward.

DVD - What is a Real Christian?

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A clear presentation of the Gospel for your unsaved friends and family We are currently finishing up this powerful message by Evangelist Tiff Shuttlesworth. This will be a widely distributed item and will be available in our store and our crusades.
What is a Real Christian is something that many of us ask ourselves each and every day, and here at Lost Lamb we have outlined this in our DVD.