A Letter From Tiff: "The 3 Most Important Lessons Learned from Billy Graham"

Dear Friends,

When I was a student at Zion Bible Institute in 1977, I had a genuine encounter with God in the prayer room that changed my life. I walked from the prayer room that day knowing that God had called me to do the work of an evangelist. In that same prayer room, not many days after, I heard a whispering in my spirit from the Lord; "be a lifelong student of Billy Graham."

Paul said: "And you should imitate me, just as I imitate Christ." 1 Corinthians 11:1 NLT From then until now, I have been consecrated to both of those two directives.

Though I will never forget the importance of my father and mother and the Christian values that they engraved in my life that are the bedrock of all that I am, it was Billy Graham that became my example of what God wanted me to imitate in my calling as an evangelist.

After his home going on February 21, 2018, someone asked me: "what are some of the things you have learned from the life and ministry of Billy Graham?" I have since given thought to that question and I want to share with you the three most valuable lessons I have learned in following his life and ministry.

First, the primacy of prayer. In 1994 I was inducted into ?Billy Graham?s Notable Names In Evangelism.? Billy Graham was scheduled to speak and it had been announced that he would be speaking on; "The Three Most Important Things I Have Learned About Being An Evangelist." I sat with a notebook and pen ready to write copious notes. He began and said; "Number one, prayer!" He spoke for a while and said; "Number two, prayer!" He carried on passionately preaching on the power of prayer in reaching the lost. And then he concluded; "Number three, prayer!" I have never forgotten that nonnegotiable lesson!

Secondly, the primacy of preaching the Bible. As fundamental as that may seem, most modern preaching is primarily commentary about the Bible, filled with stories and experiences. Billy Graham's sermons were filled with the Bible and he read and quoted multiple passages and verses from beginning to end. From his example I have learned the power of the Bible and often saying throughout my message; "The Bible says!"

Thirdly, the primacy of integrity. One of the things that I admired most is that throughout the entirety of his life and ministry he walked in humility and integrity. It is my prayer often that God would forgive me of my many frailties and help me to live my life without ever bringing dishonor to his holy name. When you pray for me, pray that I will ever hold close to my heart these golden lessons of a life well lived.

There is no greater cause than winning the lost, I love and appreciate you,